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Playing in the Snow
The snow was coming down heavily blanketing the already soaked streets in a thick white layer. The close clumped houses were nigh unrecognisable, each one a block of freezing snow and ice.  Roman Tolstoy cursed as he slid on a frozen patch of the cobbled road and nearly fell flat on his back, glancing around he spotted a group of men huddled together. Their soot stained clothes and faces marking them out as factory workers most likely from the towering brick monstrosity that loomed over the pale streets.  Roman glared at them, daring them to pass comment on his near fall but they fearfully lowered their gaze. The two headed eagle insignia sewed onto his coat indicating him as a servant of the Czar, they knew as well as he did that one word and they would never be seen again. Taken to a special building in the newly christened Petrograd and would then simply disappear, another victim of the Czarist autocracy. Watching them shuffle away Roman rummaged in his deep coat
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I love you Hannah Brady xxx
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Original Writing
Broken spars of once great buildings jutted out of the landscape, their bones laid open to the winds. Huge mountains of rubble dotted the surrounding area, grey hills in a vast field of wreckage and debris. Towering remains of generators reached into the sky, belching smoke that tinged the sky a sickly yellow. The bombers had not been kind; the disfigured remains of their victims were everywhere. Broken bodies and charred corpses littered a place that had once been a vibrant hub of business and life. Many had been wearing masks, designed to neutralise the worst of the radiation, whether they worked or not was now irrelevant, their owners having no more need for protection or indeed any other earthly items.   
Striding purposefully amid the wreckage and hollow shells of vehicles and human alike, a figure picked its way through a large pile of detritus. Swathed head to toe in thick sickly yellow cloth and with a face obscured by a dirty mask. Two slits were cut roughly int
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Heart of Bones
I worship the right and you worship bones
I see broken and you see perfected
I see you and you see me
Unlikely friends make unlikely lovers
Never going to go, eternal imperfections
Like a cracked mirror
Shiny and unique
Broken yet whole
Because I have you.
Nothing matters but you
The end of the world passes us by
We see only each other
Different yet the same
Unique and one
Together for ever
This I know
In my heart of bones
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.X-Men OCs: Training.
This is madness, thought Jate as he ducked another blow from his robotic assailant. Pure madness. His opponent moved quickly, a blur of motion, and he just had time to leap out of the way as it swung again.
“Concentrate, concentrate!” he said to himself through gritted teeth. Reaching out, he focused on the android’s chest. A bright burst of blue stars shot from his fingertips, the air around shimmering with heat. The energy burst reached its target, and the force knocked Jate back off his feet - then, with the smell of burning metal, the android fell to the floor, a smoking hole burned into its torso.
“Not bad, Hollis,” said a voice behind him. Jate turned to see John striding over, not even looking at the carnage ensuing around him. He reached his friend and ruffled his hair playfully. “Now, let me show you how men do it.” He grinned as he effortlessly rose into the air and surveyed the mêlée below him.
“Show off,”
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.X-Men OCs: Mission.
Captain Jones shifted uneasily as the boat rocked slightly in the waves and the moonlight glinted off the prow. He risked another glance at his passengers. The previous day, they had showed up at the docks, asking for passage. Nothing wrong with that; but the unusual thing was that they paid in gold. He had got a good look at their faces, and none of them looked  much older than sixteen. The other odd thing was that they had insisted on taking a statue on board. Jones’ boat was small and there had been a great deal of hassle with the crew trying to get the damn thing aboard. He had complained to the group and yet more gold had been produced.
You don’t argue with gold.
The pink haired one was alright; he was chatty enough and seemed friendly. The tall one with the blue eyes and calm voice was the one who did the talking; he too seemed quite normal. The third, however, was the one who made Jones nervous. Dressed in a long grey coat and with a wide brimmed hat, he look
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Why so Serious? by apocalypse21 Why so Serious? :iconapocalypse21:apocalypse21 1 5
Executioners Song
Executioners Song
The souls of the damned will be the audience
As Chaos steps on to the podium
With a wave of his blood red arm
Thousands die and the song begins!
The bombs will be the bass line
The cries of innocents the tune
The pleas of the doomed will form the tempo
As the Executioners song is played
The stars step forward
Adding to the unholy symphony
The riders of Apocalypse
With the patience of the grave
They perform their song
The four horsemen play
The axe is raised
And the chorus begins anew.
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What am I?
What am I?
I am Right and Wrong
I am Good and Evil
I am the Strong and the Weak
I am the Genius and the Fool
I am Victory and Defeat
I am War and Peace
I am heaven and hell
I am Joy and Despair
I am love and hate
I am Life and Death
I am everything and nothing
I am rich and poor
I am ying and yang
I am dreams and reality
I am what I am
Someone has to be
What am I?
I am human
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James Alderson
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Ye, the title makes no sense so sorry (vaguely poetic).
Yep still in love here, and don't worry this is not a rant about me again, you have enough of that at school anyway. :)

The theme for this rant, i mean journal is... good god i sound like Mr Tweedle on a monday morning. Anyway, my bro's gone to uni now which leaves muggins here on his lonesome. And it got me thinking about how he'll get on, you see he's much better ar first impressions than i am.

But i thought back to year 7 (or year 10 in some cases) to when i first met you all, what fun times that was; Ben for example, a polite and quiet, if a little eccentric boy. And know look at him, thanks to 4 years with me and jono he's now as randy as the rest of us and swears like a sailor (probably leans that way too)

I know normaly im not the best person to be around, and i apologise. And i know this has turned into yet another rant about me and im sorry for that too. But seriously i've got great friends, a fantastic and wonderful girlfriend, and an ego the size of New York so thanks to everyone for making me into the person that i am, its all your fault xD


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Lol, and don't look to get your ego stroked here.
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[and you wish for the apocalypse, but don't you know
that my world ends every time I look at you? you see,
death, famine, war... nothing matters when I'm with you.]
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